Nothing could faze Dressed In Wires. He brought with him bad fortune, right from the first, as could be expected. Not a living soul in all the town was glad to see him. He sat on the back steps of the house, lazily picking at his broken laptops.

DiW's Simondo Topless drags you bleeding and kicking through a tumult of Laptronica, Post-Gabba, Blip-Hop, Glitch-Hop, Chip-Hop, 8-bitronica, Wreckstep, Kronk, Dubtech, Dub-Bass Splattercore, Harsh Clunge, Thugstep, Noisewhore, and Wrongtronica, not in any order. All from his barely-alive, heavily modded, hacked & cracked refurbished portable office equipment, precariously wired together with a few guitar distortion pedals and dilapidated Midi tomfoolery.

When the supper was ready, he pushed the children of the household out of the way and served himself a big meal, although there had been barely enough white meat to go round. After eating he settled himself in the best and warmest sleeping place in the front room and was untroubled by dreams.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, North England.


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