"Gives Good Gush"

-The Crack




To book Dressed In Wires for an upcoming event, please click here.

UK gig Booking: simondo@dressedinwires.co.uk

US/Europe: bearwithmerec@hotmail.co.uk

Please note, if you're at any of these events, for the safety and comfort of others,




Please feel free to bring any unwanted computer hardware to DiW shows; an interesting and upsetting way of disposing of it shall be employed.

Waste not want not!


Any interesing gig offers? You could always Email me.


And don't forget, the Dressed In Wires Super Happy Disco Soundsystem is avaiable for all your Disc Jockey requirements! (MP3-J that is.) The very finest in Bootmash, Broken Beats, Chinese Hip-Hop, Vaudeville Ragtime, Noisewhore, Disco Glitch, Electromash, and more.

For all occasions. "I will make you pleased".


Click hither to pick the bones out of previous DiW appearances....