A rumble nowhere near a jungle, a tumbleweed of sub-sonic rhumba cascading across God's own discount superstore car park at dusk. Subtly shifting plates of noise^horror nuzzle through each other like horny eels.

You’re along for the ride, and Mummy, you don’t like it. Drone, Noisewhore Drone, Industrial Piercing.

Don’t wasps have Queens too? What are they UP to in there?

“Witches Are Proud” by Pleas, and now buttered vigorously by Hair Stinks Of Blood, boasts a 70-minute sickfuck calvacade of sideshow dissonance, parading by like the stink that trails a pitchfork-gripping lynchmob, righteously tumescent, as they stormtroop through your weary village. That house at the top of the hill, the really really last one on the left, will burn long into the week.

“Cursed”? What’s not to get?


Wormhole World have followed through with their threat to put this album out on Compact Disc and digital file on May 7th 2021. What you'll do is you'll go on to their bandcamp.



Live outings are a tantalising possibility - we'll have to see about that, what do you reckon?



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