Sods paw cupped balls, pining. The measly unseen. Presenting, with some love, a lovingly assembled collection of all the Noise, No-s, Psych-Drone, Power Electronics, Harsh Clunge, Dank Matter, and Wrong-Wave hits from the first 10 years of Dressed in Wires. Like hippos burnt to death, (those defeated fucks). It's UNFORTUNATE, and sent to TEST us.

All songs have been remastered, but not to maximum overmastered ultracompressed volume, so there's room for you to turn up your sound and enjoy the frequencies. You may want to think about having some considerations for neighbours though if you can.

It's on Compact Disc. The Compact Disc is available via the link below, a Paypal name-your-price price. In a surprising move, the CDs are not Limited Edition, although they are hand-numbered. There is a downloadable version on mp3 for free to accompany the physical version. Take time to note it is NOT a replacement for the physical version. We were going to get posh and offer a FLAC option as well, but it come out a 1gb file so no chance.

Spilt blood, drank blood. The oxygen of attention - it kills me to hear your heart smile.

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Release Date: November the 5th, 2013
Imprint: Bear With Me Records
Catalogue: bearbum#6666
Format: CD, mp3

This’ll Be Our Little Secret, If You Tell Anyone I’ll Rip Your Mouth Out

Dressed Um Wire, He Make Um Fire! Uuh! RUHH! .......nggNnggng! Uhg! UHHG! Um HEAD Um Fire! NnnnUNG!!

Chopped Up In A Bath As Well, Which Is About Fucking Typical

Your Body Learns

And Every Car Was On Fire, Which Is Most Unlike You

Shock & Awe Motherfucker

It Brings The Out Yeast In Me

Whale Stomach

Play Nice


Captain, Shit!!! We've Hit A Noiseberg! It's A Bit Like An Iceberg, But It's Made Out Of Noise And The Penguins On It Are Dead Grumpy

Paedophile Fence

Bodies Of Teenage Girls Cut From Car Wreckage

Blood Touching Glass

The Dead Swell

Zoo Begins Look Into Hearts Of Apes

Miscarriage, Where Were You?

Drool; Mewl, Too

I Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Me



There were promotional videos for some of the songs. Act casual.





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Nothing could faze Dressed In Wires. He brought with him bad fortune, right from the first, as could be expected. Not a living soul in all the town was glad to see him. He sat on the back steps of the Hale house, lazily picking at his broken Dell.

DiW's Simondo Topless drags you bleeding and kicking through a tumult of Laptronica, Post-Gabba, Blip-Hop, Glitch-Hop, Chip-Hop, 8-bitronica, Wreckstep, Fuckstep, Kronk, Breakcunt, Bootmash, Dub-Bass Splattercore, Harsh Clunge, Thugstep, Powerpop, Noisewhore, and Wrongtronica, not in any order. All from his souped-up, heavily modded, hacked & cracked laptop, precariously wired together with a few guitar distortion pedals and dilapidated Midi tomfoolery.

When the supper was ready, he pushed the children of the household out of the way and served himself a big meal, although there had been barely enough white meat to go round. After eating he settled himself in the best and warmest sleeping place in the front room and was untroubled by dreams.