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Click below, suckas, the classic album THE GIRLY CLEAROUT is now up for you to download completely free and that!



the DiW live set recorded for Utopia FM in September 2006.




Because the P2P OTA delivery sector is a burgeoning business model to be agressively marketed as part of a more organic, effective growth strategy, finally we have Dressed in Wires ringtones!

Oh, you'll be the envy.

Have a few of these to start off wit'. MP3 loops ("Reals", the kids would say) for those with posh phones, and some midi versions ("Polyphonics") for not so muchnesses.

Proposed Theme Tune#4... (midi)
Knuckle Shampoo (midi) (mp3)
That Rarest of Beasts (midi)
Let's Not Do It and Just Say We Did (mp3)
Young Porkers (midi) (mp3)
Wholesome American Fun (mp3)
My First Atlas (mp3)
Blood Touching Glass (mp3)
Any problems, well please email, anyhoo they work on my brick, prick.


Cock me! It's a FREE DiW album for your download pleasure. "Like A Lion Bar On Legs" is a live recording taken from the August 2004 Distraction Weekender. It's action all the way. Download the mp3s below, burn the CD, and print oot the covers. Go on.


track 1

track 3

track 4

track 5

track 6

track 7



Some special treats, madam? Dig these funky official Dressed in Wires Desktop Backgrounds, they took aaaages to do. Click on the one you'd like to confront you each day, and then do a right-click Save As, gorgeous. They are 1024x768, no problem son.
NEW! Background of Cock
it brings out t'beast in me
Bob 'Pike' Dormaltson, Fishin' Song connoisseur
scary scary doggy
DiW in hot action
Try this at home
Ruin someone's birthday today. Someone you love.